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A Golden Age Chestnut Brown Silk Satin Limone Scarf

A Golden Age Chestnut Brown Silk Satin Limone Scarf

The warm tones and possibility to feature different parts of this moody floral print inspired by the Dutch Golden Age make this scarf multifunctional. You can wear the large floral part of the scarf as a statement accessory or only show off the brown satin finish on the front to keep it classy.

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Product Specifications


White, off white, pastel pink and purple, beige, light gray, range of royal blues and earthy greens, bright and burgundy reds, cranberry, chestnut brown, ochre, black

130 cm (approx). Finished dimensions can vary +/- 5 cm (2.5”)

Square (approx). Finished dimensions can vary +/- 5 cm (2.5”)



100% Silk Satin Limone

Smooth, soft, lightweight, shiny on the front, matte on the reverse

39 gr/m2

Rolled edge with small textile logo label ‘Ellie’ in corner



Dry clean and iron at a low to medium temperature


A warm spotlight is cast over a bursting bouquet of chrysanthemums, tulips, anemones, hyacinths and apple blossoms. This is an ode to nature at the peak of its splendor and beauty, and to the moment when a life achieves its best expression. The flowers symbolize a sense of wonder and gratitude for the brief, and best, of times that we have.

Ultimately, in my mind, the Old Masters were choreographers, or conductors, of beauty, wonder and splendor. They took what was there and heightened it, each in his own hand, to an enhanced - and celebratory - version of reality. So, while their works depicted a beauty that was based on nature - even on the intense study of nature - the great paradox is that the beauty and the moment that they captured would never have existed in reality. In this way, these still lives are a sleight of hand, a magic trick, allowing us to indulge in  - and believe in - a beauty that never was.

So in the end, for me, these flowers are symbols of our intense longing, desire, and aspiration towards beauty. Thinking about how I might apply my own hand to this subject matter, it occurred to me that I might want to do this with more softness, applying less clinical precision, and revealing more emotional vulnerability.

We have chosen a silk satin limone fabric for this (approximately) 130 cm (51”) square floral scarf. This fabric is light and breathable at 39 gr/m2 and features a smooth, satin finish on the front and a matte finish on the reverse. It is semi-transparent, letting light through, but also reflects light because of its shiny surface.

Each scarf is printed as pictured and made on demand. As such, the final size can vary by up to 5 cm (2.5”). Each scarf is therefore truly one-of-a-kind!

Because of the large format of this scarf, you can rotate the motifs to feature different parts of the print. In this way, a single scarf functions as many

Each Ellie Cashman Design© scarf is finished with a textile logo label and comes packaged in a branded black box that you can use to store your scarf whenever you're not wearing it.

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