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Dark Floral II Black Desaturated on Silk Voile Fabric

Dark Floral II Black Desaturated on Silk Voile Fabric

Draped around your shoulders or billowing in the frame an open doorway, this dark floral print on our semi-transparent, 100% silk voile fabric engages in a play with light and air, for an effect that is nothing short of poetic.

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Product Specifications



Black, white, off-white, beige, muted pinks and purples, gray-green

Vertical repeat

100 cm (39.37'').

Usable width
130 cm (51")

The largest flower is 42.5 cm (or 16.73") tall



100% Silk

Matte finish on both sides

34 gr/m2


Suggested applications
Clothing items



Dry clean only. Medium iron.


On our silk voile fabric, ‘Dark Floral II Black Desaturated’ is something out of a dark, hazy dream … On the one hand, the large scale of the flowers makes it imposing and dramatic. On the other, the muted color palette, transparency and matte finish of the sheer fabric is subtle and understated.

The ephemeral quality of the floral motif on silk voile is especially beautiful when juxtaposed with heavy materials like (for your interior) wood, concrete, metal, ceramic and stone or (for your wardrobe) leather, wool, textured knits, or gold jewelry in simple, geometric forms.

This fabric begs a sparkle of light, a sunset glow as a background, a reflective metal in the foreground, all of which pop and glow in its presence.

The color palette of ‘Dark Floral II Black Desaturated’ is essentially black and white, with a toned down range beiges, warm grays, light yellows, pinks, purples and greens in the flowers and foliage. You can pair it with any of these colors in a more saturated shade. Combined with black and white, or a medium to dark gray, this print is elegant and sophisticated - a cool classic. 

For further insight into the (thought) process behind the original design ‘Dark Floral II Black Desaturated’, please see Ellie’s full description here.

Our silk voile comes on a roll and has a usable width of 130 cm (51”). It can be dry cleaned and ironed on a low setting. For more information, please see the Product Specifications at right.