Hello out there! I'm back and excited to share a new design with you (above and below).

ellie_cashman_inkyflower_detail copy

This is a dabble into a bit of a new technique for me.

First, I drew the black lines by hand.

Then, I scanned in my original artwork.

Last, I added color behind the line work on digitally painted layers in Photoshop.

I know a lot of designers use this technique to retain a bit of a handmade feel to their designs, while also benefiting from all the advantages of coloring with Photoshop (easy editing and erasing, coloring with layers, etc.)

Below are a couple of my favorite designs using this technique (or at least generating a similar effect). I've also pinned them over on my Pinterest page for you to follow if the spirit so moves you.

First, my favorite jacket ever, by Cacharel:



And a lovely wallpaper by Camilla Meijer:




What do you think? Do you work in this style? Can you share some beautiful examples of this kind of surface design applied to products?

Happy designing!