Lovely afternoon in antwerp yesterday. here are some collages of what i saw.


the palette that caught my eye for womenswear was this neutral one of pink, blue and white (see below). i'm inspired by the mix of prints, which incorporated old-fashioned elements (lace, faded photographs, block printed flowers, line drawings which evoke etchings and a sort of toile du jouy style) with more modern styles (digitally filtered and blurred photographs, textures, flat graphics, etc.)

there really is a bit of everything, and it all works well together.


lots more color for kids interiors. a really nice store on the Meir called KidsLAB had almost exclusively PiPStudio and Colorique (two Dutch brands) goods on display. they go so well together, it's almost hard to tell them apart ...


hope that inspires you to travel to Antwerp. it really is a beautiful city, where northern and southern European sensibilities seem to come together in a really beautiful way. it's definitely 'the good life' - good shopping, good food, good drink, good atmosphere.