Ana Romero Monteiro in her Printsource booth.


Ana Romero Monteiro is an amazingly talented (and really kind and generous!) surface designer who I met about 2.5 years ago when I was walking the Printsource show. I loved her work and her booth at first sight, and when I overheard her saying to someone else that it was her first show, I had to find out more about her! She answered all my questions openly. Since then, I've pestered her with still more questions about starting out in this industry, and she always takes the time to answer and help a fellow designer.


Ana Romero Monteiro's (partial) client list


Ana is truly an inspiration to me. Just a short time after our first meeting, here is a look at her (partial) client list. Her Printsource booth has doubled (tripled?) in size, and she has attended NY Fashion Week to see her prints on the runway. If that wasn't enough, she has also partnered with/is representing Reed, Print Panther, White Riot and Velveteen Prints ...

And her next stop, you ask?

ICCF: The International Contemporary Furniture Fair in NYC. One of the world's premier design events.


A sneak peek at Ana's collection of silk scarves, iPhone cases and pillows.


Ana has developed her own line of silk scarves and pocket squares, silk pillows, and iPhone cases. To cover the cost of her booth, she has launched her project at Kickstarter (the world's largest funding platform for creative projects). Her goal is to raise $6500 by May 18th.

Watch the promotional video and see more of her exquisite products HERE.

Help me help Ana take this next big step in her exciting career. You'll get goodies with her gorgeous prints on them!!!!

I can't imagine a designer more deserving of success. Good luck Ana!