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  1. Dark Floral Upholstery Velvet Sample
    Dark Floral Fabric Sample
    From $5.51
  2. Dark Floral II Upholstery Velvet Sample
    Dark Floral II Fabric Sample
    From $5.51
  3. A Golden Age Fabric Sample
    A Golden Age Fabric Sample
    From $5.51
  4. Moonlight Meadow Fabric Sample
    Moonlight Meadow Fabric Sample
    From $5.51
  5. Still Life with Shadows Fabric Sample
    Still Life with Shadows Fabric Sample
    From $5.51
  6. Summer Squall Fabric Sample
    Summer Squal Fabric Sample
    From $5.51
  7. Rose Decay Fabric Sample
    Rose Decay Fabric Sample
    From $5.51
  8. Twisting Tulips Fabric Sample
    Twisting Tulips Fabric Sample
    From $5.51
  9. Incandescent Rose Fabric Sample
    Incandescent Rose Fabric Sample
    From $5.51
  10. Becoming Wild Fabric Sample
    Becoming Wild Fabric Sample
    From $5.51
  11. From Source to Sea Fabric Sample
    From Source to Sea Fabric Sample
    From $5.51
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Explore Our Designer Fabric Samples

We offer a variety of fabrics for a variety of interior applications, including cushions, curtains, drapes, and upholstery. But that’s not all—our beautiful voile fabrics can also be used for clothing, such as scarves.

What Does a Fabric Sample Look Like?

Ordering a sample is the best way to experience the look and feel of our fabrics. Each fabric sample measures 21 x 29 cm (8" x 11") and includes all color variations of the design. Depending on the specific design, a fabric sample may consist of one or more pieces of fabric. It’s like having a mini swatch book at your fingertips!

How to Order Your Samples

How to order your samples:

  1. Design: Choose from Ellie’s handmade designs in our Floral and/or Feather Collections.
  2. Materials: Explore our range of interior fabrics, from durable velvets to soft voiles.
  3. Add to Cart: Once you’ve made your selections, add the samples to your Cart and proceed to Checkout.

Color Coordination with Our Wallpapers

Our fabrics are thoughtfully designed to complement our Wallpaper Collection. The colors on the fabrics closely match those on the wallpaper, allowing you to create harmonious interiors. If you’re also considering wallpaper, you can order wallpaper samples to achieve a cohesive look for your space.

Unlock Your Discount

Order a fabric sample and receive a 5% discount code on your next fabric order. Elevate your design projects with our luxurious fabrics!