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Circle Wallpaper

Circle Wallpaper

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  1. Dark Floral Circle Wallpaper with white peony on green wall above green cabinet
    Dark Floral Circle Wallpaper
    From $129.9
  2. Dark Floral II Circle Wallpaper 142 cm on green wall in dining room above a table with lemons
    Dark Floral II Circle Wallpaper
    From $129.9
  3. A Golden Age Black Floral Circle Wallpaper 142.5 cm
    A Golden Age Circle Wallpaper
    From $129.9
  4. Still Life with Shadows Blue Circle Wallpaper 120 cm above wooden cabinet
    Still Life with Shadows Circle Wallpaper
    From $113.49
  5. Pink Floral Circle Wallpaper with Roses above cabinet
    Incandescent Rose Circle Wallpaper
    From $129.9
  6. Dark Green Peaock Feather Circle Wallpaper above bed in bedroom
    Becoming Wild Circle Wallpaper
    From $164.09
  7. Abstract brown circle Wallpaper above wooden cabinet
    From Source to Sea Circle Wallpaper
    From $246.13
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Our round wallpapers are an alternative to covering a whole wall with wallpaper. We see this as a really exciting new take on what wallpaper can be!

Our pre-cut, circle wallpapers allow you to feature certain portions of Ellie's designs as wall art. Made from the same 160 g/m2 non-woven fleece material as our traditional wallpapers, these circles are high quality, durable, and easy to apply.

Combine these circular wallpapers with a painted wall in a coordinating color, a coordinating cushion out of our own collection and/or your own chosen, statement accessories, and your space instantly becomes an artistic statement.

This is a truly modern take on what wallpaper can be, and how easily it can be used - to great creative effect.

Our round wallpapers have been pre-cut for you, so all you need to do is unroll and paste … and enjoy! With just a bit of wallpaper adhesive and a wet sponge to wipe away any excess, you’ll be done in minutes! If at any point you want to remove your Wallpaper Circle (which we don't expect you will!) this can be done easily by applying warm water.