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Summer Squal Floral Wallpaper

Summer Squal Floral Wallpaper

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  1. Summer Squall wallpaper by designer Ellie Cashman
    Summer Squall Wallpaper
  2. A Summer Squall Wallpaper Sample by designer Ellie Cashman
    Summer Squall Wallpaper Sample
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Summer Squall floral wallpaper is available in three colorways: Midnight Blue, Daylight White and Red Hot and Beige. The blue is the most dramatic, with its intense contrast between dark and light. The white is a neutral option, featuring a limited palette of whites, grays, greens, dusty roses and black. The beige is the brightest and most colorful choice, with its pops of red in the supporting flowers. In all colorways, the large, elegant, white peonies are attended by doting beetles and butterflies. All of the elements are painted with exquisite attention to detail.