Dark Floral II Wallpaper Sample

This large size wallpaper sample gives you the chance to feel the material and see the flowers at actual size. It includes a large wallpaper sample, a sheet with technical information and a description of Ellie's philosophy behind the design.
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Our wallpaper samples are available in different materials, colors and scales/sizes. We offer two kinds of wallpaper material: fleece or vinyl. The color is the background colors of the design. The scale is the scale of the design - 100% is the smallest scale. The width of the wallpaper sample is 33.5 cm (13.19"). Depending on the scale the length is 70 cm (27.56") or 94 cm (35.43"). Scroll down for more detailed information.

We offer two types of wallpaper material:

  • Our non-woven fleece wallpaper is recommended for regular consumer use and has a smooth and matte finish. It comes on a roll in strips that are 48.7 cm (19.17") wide. It weighs 160 g/m² (4.719 oz/yd²).
  • Our vinyl wallcovering is recommended for commercial/contract use and has a more structured and slightly shiny finish. It comes on a roll in strips that are 125 cm (49.21") wide. It weighs 350 g/m² (10.323 oz/yd²).

Scroll down for detailed product specifications.

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Dark Floral II by Ellie Cashman is a dramatic, large-scale floral design inspired by the still life paintings of the Dutch Golden Age. Use this floral wallpaper to make a statement art piece of an accent wall or a little garden jewel box of a powder room. This large-scale botanical print transports you to a fantasy world, full of enchanting beauty.


Background color

This wallpaper is available in the background colors: black (saturated), black (desaturated), gray and light (off white).


For the black saturated background:
white, off-white, beige, pink, light yellows, greens, red.
For the black desaturated background:
black, white, off-whites, beiges, muted pinks, purples, greens.
For the light background:
black, white, off-whites, beiges, muted pinks, purples, greens.
For the grey background:
black. gray, off-whites, beiges, muted pinks, greens.


This wallpaper sample comes in three different scales 100%, 200% and 300%.

Physical properties

The physical properties of our wallpaper samples are listed below.

Fleece:160 g/m2 non-woven fleece wallpaper with a matte finish
Vinyl:350 g/m2 non-woven fleece wallcovering with a vinyl coating

The width of all samples varies between 33,5 cm - 34,5 cm (13.19" - 13.58").

The height of all samples depends on the design and varies between 48 cm - 150 cm (18.89" - 59.06").

Fire Safety
Fleece:EU (EN 13501-1): B - s1 - d0
US (ASTM E84): Class A (concrete), Class A (drywall)
Vinyl:EU (EN 13501-1): B - s1 - d0
US (ASTM E84): Class A (drywall)

Fleece:ISO 105-B02: 7 out of 8 Blue Wool Scale
Vinyl:ISO 105-B02: 7 out of 8 Blue Wool Scale


The material is classified as non-hazardous: DIN 52900 or 91/155/EEG,2001/58/EC.


Ellie Cashman Design® wallpaper is sturdy and durable, easy to clean with a damp cloth and can be removed easily with water.

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