Dark Floral II on Velvet Yoga Cushion C (30 x 15 cm)

A handmade, high quality, one-of-a-kind art object, this yoga/meditation cushion is printed with Ellie’s original print ‘Dark Floral II’, as well as supporting prints in complimentary (green) colors. This is a beautiful object that inserts art into your everyday experience and elevates your yoga practice from ordinary to extraordinary. The imagery symbolizes a moment of transcendence, just like the one we achieve on the mat.
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This cushion is made of our upholstery velvet fabric, a soft and durable material.The fabric is printed using a sublimation dye technique, which means that that the colors are impregnated into the fabric at extremely high temperatures. This process ensures that the pigments won’t fade or wear with time, exposure to sunlight or with repeated washing on a warm setting.

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We believe that incorporating beautiful objects into our everyday experience can provide us with visual ‘triggers’ that reinforce our sense of joy and happiness, calm and contentment.

That’s why we’ve created this yoga/meditation cushion. Featuring Ellie’s original Dark Floral II design, you could say that it doubles as an art object.

The cushion is handmade from our beautiful, durable upholstery velvet fabric, which is amazingly soft to the touch. Because it has been printed using a sublimation dye technique, where the colors are heat transferred into the fabric fibers, it’s machine washable and won’t fade with exposure to sunlight.

Inside, the cushion is filled with all-natural buckwheat filling, ideal for its sturdiness and comfort.

Ellie has hand selected the complimentary fabric and piping colors, and we’ve finished it off with an embroidered logo label.

The care and artistry applied to the creation of this yoga/meditation cushion is sure to elevate the experience of your everyday practice.

For further insight into the (thought) process behind the original design, please see Ellie’s full description here.




30 cm (12") diameter, 15 cm (6") height



Physical properties

100% Polyester

The filling is 100% all natural buckwheat, known for its sturdiness and comfort as a filling for the highest quality yoga/mediation cushions

Invisible zipper, small textile logo label at handle

Piping in contrasting, matching fabric


Machine wash warm and iron on a low to medium setting

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