Dark Floral II Black Desaturated XL (200%) Wallpaper

Dark Floral II Black Desaturated XL (200%) Wallpaper

A dark floral wallpaper design inspired by and reminiscent of the still life paintings of the Dutch Golden Age, Dark Floral II Black Desaturated features a limited color palette with a black and white base and hints of beige, dark green and a dark, muted purple. The 'XL (200%)' version features larger-than-life flowers at up to 94 cm (37") in diameter, and a repeat that is nearly 2 meters (76.7") wide. This is double the scale of the original.

Black Desaturated
Black Desaturated
Black Saturated
Black Saturated
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Product Specifications



Black, white, off-whites, beiges, muted pinks, purples, greens.


194.8 cm wide x 200 cm high (or 76.7” wide x 78.74” high). It is a halfdrop repeat.

The strips are 48.7 cm (19.17") wide. The length of the strips is variable, depending on your measurements. 

The largest white flower is 94 cm (or 37”) in diameter.


160 gr/m2 non-woven fleece wallpaper with a matte finish.

Fire Safety
(EN 13501-1): B - s1 - d0
US (ASTM E84): Class A (concrete), Class B (drywall).

ISO 105-B02: 7 out of 8 Blue Wool Scale.



The material is classified as non-hazardous: DIN 52900 or 91/155/EEG,2001/58/EC.

Ellie Cashman Design® wallpaper is sturdy and durable, easy to clean with a damp cloth and can be removed easily with water.


‘Dark Floral II Black Desaturated’s’ limited color palette is timelessly elegant, featuring a black and white base with off-whites, beiges and muted pinks, purples and greens visible in the flowers and foliage. The 'XL (200%)' version features larger-than-life flowers at up to 94 cm (37") in diameter, and a repeat that is nearly 2 meters (76.7") wide. This is double the scale of the original.

With this limited palette, the Black Desaturated version is, color-wise, the most toned-down version of in the ‘Dark Floral II’ series. You could pair it with beiges, warm grays, light yellows, pinks, purples and greens for a soft look. You could pull out bright pinks and greens, dark grays and ochres to enhance its earthy richness and create a fun and modern look. Paired with black and white, or a medium to dark gray, it is elegant and sophisticated - a cool classic. 

While the style of the painting is realistic, the composition and impossible contrasts in scale are imagined and manipulated for dramatic effect.

The forms of the flowers and foliage are delicate and sinuous. The gestures of unfolding, bending and reaching give the print a sense of movement. Flora and fauna are suspended here above a matte black background.

We always like to give our florals toughness by pairing them with ‘hard’ materials: matte-shiny metals like brass, copper and gold, a cast-iron side table or plant stand, stone tiles, concrete floors or exposed brick, for example.

What distinguishes Ellie’s floral wallpapers from your (great great) grandmother’s - aside from how easy they are to work with - is the larger-than-life-scale of the flowers, and Ellie’s belief that walls can do more than just delineate spaces and hold up ceilings … walls can be art! Walls can have meanings; walls can have (and create) moods.

Use this floral wallpaper to make a statement art piece of an accent wall. This large-scale botanical print transports you to a fantasy world, full of dark, enchanting beauty.

’Dark Floral II’ is printed digitally on the highest quality non-woven wallpaper. It is easy to install, care for and clean. For more information, please see the ‘Product Specifications’ at right.

For more information on the (thought) process behing Dark Floral II Black Desaturated, please see Ellie's full description here.

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