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  1. A Golden Age on Velvet Fabric by designer Ellie Cashman
    A Golden Age on Velvet Fabric
    From €100.00
  2. Dark Floral II on Polyester Duchess Fabric by designer Ellie Cashman
    Dark Floral II on Polyester Duchess Fabric
    From €75.00
  3. Dark Floral II on Velvet Fabric by designer Ellie Cashman
    Dark Floral II on Velvet Fabric
    From €100.00

4 Items

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Our collection of designer fabrics includes several types of silk, a silk-rayon velvet and a polyester velvet. All are printed with Ellie’s signature designs, using the latest in digital printing technology. These fabrics are available by the meter, in any increment, and there is no minimum order.

The same prints we apply to wallpaper have a decidedly different character when applied to these designer fabrics. On the velvet fabric they are irresistibly soft, luxurious, and deep in contrast. On our three silk fabrics, they range from shiny and satiny to partially transparent, a sort of ghost image. On all of our silks, the flowers are truly poetic: wrapped around your neck, trailing down your back or billowing in the frame of an open window. Engaging in play with light and air, these dramatic botanical prints truly come to life.

Our polyester velvet fabric, which is suited to a range of interior applications, is available in two weights. The lighter version can be used to make cushions. The heavier version can be used for furniture upholstery. These polyesters are printed using a sublimation dye technique, in which the colors are impregnated into the fabric, guaranteeing that they won’t fade with time or exposure to sunlight.

A note about curtains
Our silk fabrics are designed and printed as individual panels that can be used to create cushions, clothing or curtains.

For curtains, please note: the fabric panels can be ordered in any length, and can be cut and hung to size.
The fabric panels can be hung next to each other, however, please note that the prints are not designed to align across multiple panels in the width dimension. They should be seen as individual lengths of fabric with a width of 130 (or 51”) for Silk Satin or 135 cm (53”) for Silk Limone and Silk Voile.

Our silk fabrics are all (semi-) transparent. We discourage lining them, as this will change their soft and flowing character. Also, silk is a natural fiber, so placing the curtains in direct sunlight will cause the prints to fade over time.

For these reasons, we strongly encourage our customers to use the silk fabrics for small decorative projects such as:

• fabric paneling/curtains to place around a crib or bed
• room dividers
• stretched or hanging wall deco/art
• (temporary) window decoration 

Consider alternating our printed panels with a solid, coordinating color fabric. This allows the larger-than-life floral motifs to stand out even more. Placing individual panels next to each other with a print that does not align across panels in the width dimension is a conscious design choice. We like the easy, nonchalant and modern character of fabric panels hung in this way.