Dark Floral II Fabric

Our moody Dark Floral II Fabric is perfect for making curtains, cushions and upholstery. It's available on three different materials and in eight different background colors.
From 70 per m¹ (excluding tax)
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This design is available in three types of fabric:

  • Our Upholstery Velvet is simultaneously soft and durable, making it an ideal material for covering items of furniture, and/or creating a set of sturdy cushions or curtain. It's available by the meter/yard, has a usable width of 140 cm (55.1") and it weighs 420 g/m² (12.39 oz/yd²).  
  • Our Lightweight Velvet is the same material as the Upholstery Velvet, but thinner and lighter, which makes it an ideal material for creating cushions or curtains. It's available by the meter/yard, has a usable width of 140 cm (55.1") and it weighs 230 g/m² (6.78 oz/yd²).
  • Our Sustainable Chiffon is made from 100% recycled material, certified by the Global Recycled Standard for sustainable fashion. Use it to create elegant scarves, special occasion attire or a set of gorgeous, flowing curtains. It's available by the meter/yard, has a usable width of 140 cm (55.1") and it weighs 50 g/m² (1.47 oz/yd²).

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Order a large size fabric sample to feel the material and to see the actual colors in your space. The sample size is 21 x 29 cm (8" x 11"). Each sample includes all color variations of the design, and the colors on our fabrics match our wallpaper. You'll get a 5% discount on a subsequent fabric order when you order a sample.

We ship worldwide with FedEx and PostNL. On average we ship wallpaper orders in 1-2 weeks, fabric orders in 3 weeks and all samples in 1 (business) day. The shipping time depends on your location and the selected shipping service (Economy, Priority or Express). Click here to get a more detailed estimate as to when your order will arrive.



What characterizes this print are the large-scale flowers (the large dahlia is 47 cm (18.5”), the lush, serpentine foliage and the presence of a reclusive butterfly and a lone beetle in the shadows. All of this is painted with incredible attention to detail, in a realistic style reminiscent of the Old Masters. At the same time, the scale and proportions have been imagined and manipulated for dramatic effect. The gestures of unfolding, bending and reaching give the print a sense of movement.

For further insight into the (thought) process behind the original design, please see Ellie’s full description here.




Background color
Black Desaturated), Black Saturated, Berry Burgundy, Classic Navy, Dusty Rose, Earthy Beige, Forest Green, Vintage White

Vertical repeat
100 cm (39.37’')

The design is at 100% scale. The largest flower is 47 cm (or 18.5") in diameter.

Physical properties
Upholstery VelvetUpholstery, Cushions
Lightweight VelvetUpholstery, Cushions, Curtains
Sustainable ChiffonDrapes, Scarves, Clothing

The table below gives the physical properties of the fabrics.

Uphol. Velvet Lightw. Velvet Sustain. Chiffon
Structure Velvet Velvet Chiffon
Texture soft, sturdy, velvelty soft, supple, velvelty light, transparent
Usable width 140 cm (55.12”) 140 cm (55.12”) 140 cm (55.12”)
Weight 420 g/m² (12.39 oz/yd²) 230 g/m² (6.78 oz/yd²) 50 g/m² (1.47 oz/yd²)
Composition 100% polyester 100% polyester 100% recycled polyester
Rubfastness 4-5 4-5 -
Lightfastness 5-6 5-6 -
Piling +/- 4 +/- 4 -
Martindale >60.000 >100.000 -

The table below gives care instructions for the fabrics.

Uphol. Velvet Lightw. Velvet Sustain. Chiffon
Wash temp. 40 ℃ (104 ℉) 40 ℃ (104 ℉) 30 ℃ (86 ℉)
Bleach No No No
Dryer No No No
Iron Low temp. Low temp. Low temp.