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  1. A Golden Age (4)
  2. Dark Floral (3)
  3. Dark Floral II (8)
  4. Incandescent Rose (3)
  5. Moonlight Meadow (4)
  6. Rose Decay (1)
  7. Still Life with Shadows (1)
  1. Silk Satin (2)
  2. Velvet (1)
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Dark Floral Cushions

Our dark floral cushions can compliment a wall covered in a corresponding print, or they can stand alone. In the case of Still Life with Shadows, Dark Floral II and Moonlight Meadow, Ellie has designed the cushions in series/sets, featuring a range of sizes, formats, scales, and print croppings, which can be displayed together to great dramatic and artistic effect. Creating your own combinations is an art form in itself. The Silk Satin is elegant; the Velvet soft and sumptuous. These fabrics can be washed and are surprisingly easy to care for. Spilled something on them? A cold machine wash and air dry will have them looking like new. Order 3 or more and save up to 30%.