Moonlight Meadow Black on Velvet Fabric

Moonlight Meadow Black on Velvet Fabric

The enlarged canvas texture of the ‘Moonlight Meadow Black’ print evokes a completely different sensory experience than the plush surface of this velvet fabric.

This is a single fabric panel with a standard width. See the Product Specifications below. If you have a project requiring multiple panels that span a greater width, please contact us.

Your panel(s) will be 0 m long.

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Product Specifications



Dark blue, white

Vertical repeat

194.8 cm (76.7'').

Usable width
130 cm (51")

The largest daisy is 47 cm (or 18.5") in diameter



15% Silk 85% Rayon

Soft, luxurious, plush

220 gr/m2

Semi-transparent when bright light shines behind it

Suggested applications
Clothing items



Dry clean only. Medium iron.


Here, ‘Moonlight Meadow Black’, a loosely, gesturally-painted floral print, is applied to a soft, supple, midweight velvet fabric that can be used for curtains, cushions, scarves and clothing items. This black and white print is great fun for pattern matching, and can provide an elegant, modern backdrop for a vase of fresh flowers.

Our velvet is composed of a 15% silk 85% rayon blend, which makes it i lighter (at 220 g/m2) and more flexible than many velvets. On this luxurious fabric, ‘Moonlight Meadow Black’ is a feast for the eyes and the fingers.

We like to combine cascading velvet drapes with rougher, tougher materials like wood, concrete, cast iron, matte-shiny metals, brick and stone. Candlelight and champagne make good accompaniments as well!

For further insight into the (thought) process behind the original design ‘Moonlight Meadow Black’, please see Ellie’s full description here.

Our velvet comes on a roll and has a usable width of 130 cm (51”). It can be dry cleaned and ironed at a medium temperature. For more information, please see the Product Specifications at right.