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Floral Fabric-Pink

Our collection of designer fabrics includes linen, cotton, velvet, and several types of silk, all printed with my signature large-scale floral prints, using the latest in digital printing technology. These prints are available by the meter, in any increment, and there is no minimum order.

The same prints we apply to wallpaper have a decidedly different character when applied to fabric. On heavy cotton and linen, the flowers are textured, rugged and tough. On velvet they are irresistibly soft, luxurious, and deep in contrast. On our three semi-transparent silks, they are simply poetic, wrapped around your neck, trailing down your back or billowing in the frame of an open window. Engaging in play with light and air, these dramatic botanical prints truly come to life.

Order our designer fabrics by the meter to create a one-of-a-kind statement piece for your interior and/or your wardrobe. If you have a special project requiring advice, please be in touch with us at

“Flowers are my subject of choice, as I see them not only as beautiful, but as powerful symbols that express the full range of human experience.”

- Ellie Cashman