Still Life with Shadows Blue Silk Voile Scarf

Still Life with Shadows Blue Silk Voile Scarf

The pinks in this moody floral print make it soft and feminine while the blues make it brooding and mysterious, and the ideal wardrobe accessory to wear with your favorite pair of jeans.

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Product Specifications


Pastels (pink, orange, coral, yellow, aqua, blue-green), deep blue and purple, dark green, black

125 cm (approx). Finished dimensions can vary +/- 5 cm (2.5”)

Square (approx). Finished dimensions can vary +/- 5 cm (2.5”)



100% silk voile

Lightweight, breathable, semi-transparent, matte finish

34 gr/m2

Rolled edge with small textile logo label ‘Ellie’ in corner



Dry clean and iron on a low setting


The beauty of these floral printed scarves is that they’re so versatile. They are elegant and practical at the same time, and can be worn with your dressiest dress, your most casual blue jeans, and pretty much everything in between.

For this floral scarf, Ellie’s most recent original floral print design ‘Still Life with Shadows Blue’ (completed January 2016) is printed on a luxurious 100% silk voile fabric, which is lightweight (34 gr/m2), semi-transparent and has a matte finish on both sides. It drapes beautifully, and has a soft, breathable texture which is lovely against the skin.

This scarf can be dry cleaned and ironed at a low temperature. For more information, please see the Product Specifications at right.

Each Ellie Cashman Design© scarf is finished with a textile logo label and comes packaged in a branded black box that you can use to store your scarf whenever you're not wearing it.

For further insight into the (thought) process behind the original floral print ‘Still Life with Shadows’, please see Ellie’s full Design Description.

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