How to measure

Our wallpaper is printed on demand, according to your specified measurements, so that you only receive the wallpaper you need, customized to fit your space.

Our wallpaper comes in strips that are wrapped around single roll (except in the case of large volume orders, in which case multiple rolls may be needed). The individual strips are numbered and the top and bottom is indicated, to help you match the pattern during the installation process.

The strips (and thus the roll) have a fixed width of 48.7 cm (or 19.17"). The number and length of the strips, however, are variable and are based on the measurements you enter into our calculator.

When you enter the width and height of your wall(s), the calculator tells you the number of strips (and their total width), the height and the cost of the wallpaper you will receive.

How does our custom calculator come to this calculation?
It rounds your width measurement up to the nearest increment of 48.7 cm (or 19.17") and automatically adds 10 cm (or 3.94") to your height measurement. This is enough overage for standard jobs. If you require additional overage, you can enter larger values into the calculator.

If you have multiple surfaces, you should place one order for all of the surfaces together. This ensures that the pattern continues uninterrupted from one wall to the next.

For further instructions on how to measure in specific circumstances, please consult the following: