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Floral Wallpaper
22 January 2019 in Projects, Products

Brown brings back the memories


Brown is the color of earth; it's the color of everyday life and it's the color that stands for rustic. It's also the color that expresses the warmth of an old-fashioned room lit by candles, which brings back memories of the Golden Age.


Ellie has long been inspired by the Golden Age in the Netherlands. She has been inspired by the characteristic approach to light, color and contrast as a means to create the illusion of space and depth. For several years, she's been studying these techniques in oil painting. It's Ellie's hope to apply these 'Golden Age' insights and techniques using new technology, in a new context and on a larger scale to create a truly unique style of floral print which doesn't hang on a wall but is the wall, the mood, the experience. Her newest design, A Golden Age Chestnut Brown, is Ellie's favorite version.


Brown can highlight the coziness of your home: just add some brown details and it will create an incredible warmth in your surroundings. We like to pair A Golden Age Chestnut Brown with leather furniture, warm wood tones and soft textiles like sheep skins. And last but not least: add some golden details for a touch of sparkle and shine and your Golden Age feeling is complete!

Floral Wallpaper

Stay wonder-ful,

Renée van de Besselaar