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Ellie Cashman Design Yoga Cushion
8 March 2022 in Products

New: Yoga Cushion with Original Feather Print


I really value my time on the yoga mat, and never more so than during the last two years of pandemic life! The vision for my new print 'Becoming Wild' came to me in that time, in dream-like transmissions, often at the end of a class. These are often the moments when I feel most physically, mentally, emotionally and creatively 'open'. 

In the gesture of the feathers that I have imagined for this design, I have tried to capture the sense of gentle, joyful surrender, of opening up, accepting the way things are, and generally feeling at peace with myself, that comes with the extra air in my lungs and the added spaciousness in my stretched-out limbs. 

So, it just made logical sense to me that this print belonged not only on wallpaper, but on a yoga/meditation cushion as well. Recently, we made our first prototype, pictured here. 

Ellie Cashman Yoga Cushion

Yoga Cushion with Feahter Print

The design has been scaled to the perfect proportion to fit this 30 cm/12"  round cushion, printed on our upholstery velvet, paired with other polyester velvet fabrics in complimentary solid colors, and finished off with a navy blue zipper and a gold and white embroidered logo tag. 

Ellie Cashman Yoga Cushion with Feather Design

The cushion cover can be easily removed from the 100% natural, buckwheat-filled cushion insert and machine washed at 40 degrees celsius, as often as needed. In other words, it's super durable and long-lasting, at the same time that it's a beautiful object that elevates your yoga practice and reinforces the sense of inner peace that we experience on the mat.

As you may have seen in previous posts, I'm working on a lot more of these yoga/meditation cushions featuring other prints as well. We're busy making prototypes and photographs and getting everything live on the site. Questions? Comments? Suggestions? I'd love to hear your thoughts!

Stay wonder-ful,