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Dark floral wallpaper
26 September 2019 in Projects

Print on Print


A funny thing is that one of the designers we’ve reached out to, chose herself as a customer. Megan Brakefield (she can be found on Instagram as @meganbrakefieldinteriors) needed a space to support her productivity, but this space also had to reflect her as a designer so clients could visit and get a sense of what she’s about.

Making a statement

The reason we chose Megan’s project is because of the print on print choice. She describes her own style as ‘moditional’ and mentions her goal to respect the history of a home, but to move it forward and mix it with modern elements too. We haven’t seen many designers who used one of Ellie’s designs with another print, but Megan Brakefield wasn’t scared to do that! ‘I started out thinking I might just use a sisal rug but it just felt like it wasn’t very exciting. When I found this print rug I put it into my mood board with Ellie’s paper and other finishes to get a feel for how it would support the design. I loved it right away! I think this mix works because while the rug reflects the colors used in the wallpaper the light ground prevents it from competing. It’s complementary in its reflection without being too dominant. It still amps up the feminine vibe and supports the overall feel of the space. And really there isn’t any other pattern in the room so the space can handle it. Both of the prints can breathe.”

Mix & match

Megan uses wallpaper in almost every project, because she thinks it’s a great way of putting in color and patterns as well to help define a space. ‘I love mixing textures and types of material. My studio has wool, leather, velvet, lacquer, wood, plastic and metal. I also tend to mix in deep saturated colors with lighter tones for contrast which I think is important. In my studio the wallpaper drove the use of black throughout. So it's in the cabinets, the chair frames, the console and TV, some of the lighting and smaller decorative items as well. But I also balanced that with white, blush and light toned wood. The rug is another pattern that reflects the lighter tones in the wallpaper and acts as a light ground to support all the surrounding black.”

“What I love about Ellie’s design is that it's a modern take on a floral design. The black background and the scale really make such a statement - a very beautiful statement! I would call her designs ‘Classics modernized’”. – Megan Brakefield


Dark Floral Wallpaper Design Dark Floral Wallpaper Design

Stay wonder-ful,

Renée van de Besselaar