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Incandescent Rose

"In ‘Incandescent Rose’, I wanted to create a feeling of brilliant, almost blinding, light. In the prints I’d created previously, there had always been a balance of light lights contrasted with dark darks. Here, I wanted to tip that balance and focus sin-gularly on the lights, creating a visceral sensation of warmth and airiness."

‘Incandescent Rose’ is a purely happy piece, evoking a dreamstate garden world … what you might see through your eyelashes as you dozed on a picnic blanket in a seaside English garden.

Just as I had done in the previous prints in the collection, I painted the roses at a magnified scale. The hortensia petals, foliage and droplets of sunlight form a suggestion, a dappling of texture behind the gigantic flowers.

I love the huge scale of this print, and how when used as wallpaper, or when applied to cushions, the forms are inevitably cropped and become abstracted.

Also, the gigantic repeat is invisible, so the placement of the elements feels totally random, as if they are just floating in space, free from the laws of physics …

The wallpaper could be used as a beautiful feature wall for a girl’s nursery, in a dressing room, powder room or laundry room. You could apply it to the ceiling of a bedroom, so it’s the last thing you see when you close your eyes at night. I used the silk satin fabric to create a hanging canopy above my daughter’s bed. It’s like a little cocoon, a blissful place for (sweet) dreaming.

We can’t wait to see what you do with it!