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Becoming Wild on Upholstery Fabric

Light and color transition gradually in this large-scale pattern of peacock feathers, symbolizing a fundamental transformation in the way the peacock sees himself. The sparkle and spectacle of his feathers open up to reveal the warm glow of a new, true and wild beauty within: the beauty of being for the sake of being, rather than for being seen.

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The ideal upholstery fabric
Our upholstery fabric is simultaneously soft and durable, making it an ideal material for covering items of furniture, and/or creating a set of sturdy cushions or curtains.

Lightfast, rubfast colors
The fabric is printed using a sublimation dye technique, which means that that the colors are impregnated into the fabric at extremely high temperatures. This process ensures that the pigments won’t fade or wear with time, exposure to sunlight or with repeated washing on a warm setting.

Suitable for commercial as well as consumer projects
This fabric meets the standard for contract upholstery fabric. It combines the best of both worlds: the soft and beautiful look and feel that suits the most comfortable spaces in your home, with the toughness and durability that ensures it will stand up to high traffic and intensive use.

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We’re so excited about this upholstery fabric and the world of possibilities it opens up! Use it to transform items of furniture, create a series of cushions or a set of statement curtains.

Ellie’s original artwork ‘Becoming Wild’ is printed here using a sublimation dye technique, which means the fabric becomes impregnated with the pigments, and won’t fade or wear with time or exposure to sunlight.

“In this design,” Ellie says, “I’m imagining that a ‘disturbance’ - a gust of wind, a change in the atmosphere, or a transformative life experience - has caused the peacock’s tail feathers to release, open and fall away. A protective barrier of beauty and spectacle breaks down and opens up. The peacock exposes his vulnerability, makes an offer of true connection, and invites the viewer in.

As the feathers are released, so is the bird: freed from the heavy and immobilizing burden of his external beauty … being, at last, for his own sake of being, rather than for being seen. The peacock becomes aware of his true, wild beauty, and of how it exists - and always has - not in his outer, but in his inner world: in the magical, transformative power of his own imagination and the new potential for freedom and flight that he finds there.”

Read more about the thought and design processes behind ‘Becoming Wild’ here.




Available in the colors Dark Sage Green, Light Sage Green, Subdued Blue, Wavy Blue and Wavy Blue Green

Dark Sage Green, Light Sage Green - 103 cm (or 40.55")*
Subdued Blue, Wavy Blue and Wavy Blue Green - 70 cm (or 27.56”)*

Dark Sage Green, Light Sage Green - 124 cm (or 48.42")*
Subdued Blue, Wavy Blue and Wavy Blue Green - 258.74 cm (or 101.87”)*

*Please note that the scale of the print is smaller on fabric than it is on wallpaper

Usable width
138 cm (or 54.3”)

The size of the solid area of the feather centers is:
Dark Sage Green, Light Sage Green - 6 cm (or 2.36")*
Subdued Blue, Wavy Blue and Wavy Blue Green - 9.5 cm (or 3.74”)

Physical properties

100% Polyester

Soft, velvety surface; strong and durable base.

420 g/m2

> 60,000


Rub fastness dry

Rub fastness wet


Suggested applications
Furniture upholstery.


Washable with soap and water. Machine washable up to 30˚C.