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Dark Floral II on Velvet Fabric

The original print, ‘Dark Floral II Light’, inspired by the still life paintings of the Dutch Golden Age, features a giant, imagined dahlia, sinuous, serpentine foliage, a reclusive beetle and a lone butterfly. It’s lush and sumptuous as ever on this soft, supple velvet fabric.

Limited stock, fabric will be discontinued, act fast!

From £86.22 per m¹ (excluding tax)
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Order a large size fabric sample to feel the material and see the flowers at actual size.

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Our velvet fabric is lighter (at 220 gr/m2) than your typical velvet,  and is composed of a 15% silk/85% rayon blend. As such, it is soft and supple and drapes beautifully. It can be used for clothing items, cushions and scarves.

For further insight into the (thought) process behind the original design, please see Ellie’s full description here.

This fabric will be discontinued. We are looking for alternatives. Please contact us for more information.




Background color
Black (desaturated), black(saturated) and light (off white).

Vertical repeat
100 cm (39.37'').

Usable width
130 cm (51").

The largest flower is 47 cm (or 18.5") in diameter.


Physical properties

15% Silk 85% Rayon.

Soft, luxurious, plush.

220 g/m2(6.5 oz/yd2)

Semi-transparent when bright light shines behind it.

Suggested applications
Clothing items



Dry clean only. Medium iron.