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Incandescent Rose on Silk Satin Fabric

Incandescent Rose, with its powerful scale, places you in a garden at - or approaching -  full glory, and provides you with a visceral experience of light, warmth, happiness and hope.

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What distinguishes this floral print from the others in our collection is the alternation between areas of focus and detail (in the foreground roses and some of their leaves) and large areas of soft, abstracted color and openness that merely suggest the presence of vegetal forms and droplets of sunlight. 

Two different sections (A and B) of the Incandescent Rose print are available on Silk Satin. They are intended as individual panels, to be alternated with each other and/or with a solid color fabric in between. The different sections do not 'line up' horizontally, and are not necessarily meant to con-nect to each other, though there are of course no hard and fast rules. Hanging them as loose panels gives them a nonchalant character that we especially like.

For further insight into the (thought) process behind the original design, please see Ellie’s full description here.




Background color

Vertical repeat
276 cm (108.67'').

Usable width
130 cm (51").

The largest rose is 76 cm (or 30”) in diameter.


Physical properties

100% Silk

Soft, smooth, shiny.

82 g/m2(2.4 oz/yd2)

Semi-transparent in bright light.

Suggested applications
Clothing items



Dry clean only. Low iron.