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It's in our nature

Ellie's designs are inspired by the natural, living world. Her products are meant to incorporate a cele-bration of nature and beauty into our homes and daily experiences. In producing her fabrics and wallpapers, it's therefore no surprise that Ellie values a conscious and sus-tainable approach.

Here are just several ways that we're respecting and protecting the natural environment that provides the inspiration for all we do:

- From the beginning, Ellie has been actively exploring sustainable ways of manufacturing. Ellie’s designs are all hand-crafted and produced close to her home in the Netherlands.
- Our eco-friendly fabrics and inks are GOTS-certified (Global Organic Textile Standard), mean-ing that they are at least 70% organic.
- As well as being fully recyclable, all papers used for our marketing materials and wallpapers contain 30% post-consumer waste and have FSC-certification (meaning that the pulp used comes from sustainable forests, where at least one tree is planted for every tree felled).
- The toners used for the wallpaper are all CO2 neutral and are free of harmful, chemical sub-stances.
- We're a member of the Paper for Paper community, which helps us recycle our paper waste up to 5 times.
- The seed paper we use for our compliments card is made of fully recycled paper consisting of cotton waste created by the clothing industry in Portugal.

Again, these are just some of the ways we're working to make responsible, respectful choices. We're committed to expanding and improving upon this list as our business grows.