Floral Scarves

Floral Scarves

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The beauty of our floral scarves is that they’re so versatile. You can wear one of Ellie’s original designs with everything from stilettos, ballerinas to boots, a dressy dress to a pair of jeans.

Our floral scarves can be worn as an eye-catching accessory, or they can be displayed in your home, framed or hung on the wall.

All of the floral scarves feature one of Ellie’s original designs, beautifully printed using the latest in digital printing technology. These techniques allow us to apply Ellie’s floral prints, complete with their color gradations and expressive brush strokes, to a square of silk. Because of the large scale and format of the prints, these floral scarves can be rotated to show different flowers and segments of Ellie’s paintings. In this way, a single scarf can function as many.

The floral scarves are printed on several types of silk. The Silk Satin scarves, which we call Limone, are 100% silk, lightweight, semi-transparent, with a shiny surface on one side and matte surface on the other. The Silk scarves, which we call Voile, are also 100% silk, lightweight, and semi-transparent, but are matte on both sides. Both the silk satin and silk scarves drape beautifully and are soft, breathable and elegant. The Limone scarves are a bit dressier, while the Voile can serve for everything from special occasion to casual and every day.

Each Ellie Cashman Design© scarf is finished with a textile logo label and comes packaged in a beautiful, branded black box that you can use to store your scarf whenever you're not wearing it.

“My floral prints describe the way we often achieve our most brilliant, most beautiful moments just on the other side of darkness, fear, uncertainty and loss.” – Ellie Cashman