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Still Life with Shadows Gray Wallpaper

Still Life with Shadows Gray Wallpaper

‘Still Life with Shadows Gray’ has all the drama of a nocturnal, Grimm’s fairy tale garden world. Some areas are illuminated by a diffuse moonlight glow; others are obscured by the heavy, inky air of night.

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Product Specifications



Pastel pinks, yellow, coral, aqua blues, gray, greens.

97.4 cm wide x 146.68 cm high (or 38.35” wide x 57.75” high). It is a half drop repeat

The repeat width spans 2 strips at 48.7 cm (or 19.17”) wide each. The length of the strips is variable, depending on your measurements

The central flower is 50 cm (or 19.685”) high



160 gr/m2 non-woven fleece wallpaper with a matte finish

Fire Safety
(EN 13501-1): B - s1 - d0
US (ASTM E84): Class A (concrete), Class A (drywall)

ISO 105-B02: 7 out of 8 Blue Wool Scale



The material is classified as non-hazardous: DIN 52900 or 91/155/EEG,2001/58/EC.

Ellie Cashman Design® wallpaper is sturdy and durable, easy to clean with a damp cloth and can be removed easily with water


Ellie painted this design between February 2015 and January 2016. It is a completely modern take on a centuries-old tradition of floral prints, and is true to Ellie's signature style. The flowers in this design are powerful, grown-up flowers that, while beautiful and elegant, also depict the full range of human experience and emotion.

From the start, this was meant to be an optimistic piece, with the focus of the intensely lit central flower. But the shadows were revealed not as places to be avoided, but as places that harbored unexpectedly beautiful moments of their own, while providing a direction towards the light, and toward the triumphant, climactic moment in which the bud bursts into full bloom and the heart breaks open.

The Gray variation of this design has a foggy, dark gray background, which makes the print moody, atmospheric and easy to incorporate into a black and white color schemes. The bouquet features a limited, desaturated palette of pastel pinks, yellows, corals, aqua blues and greens.

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