Summer Squall in Midnight Blue Vinyl Wallcovering

Summer Squall in Midnight Blue Vinyl Wallcovering

‘Summer Squall in Midnight Blue’ evokes a magical, nighttime, midnight blue garden world.

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Product Specifications

Summer Squall in Midnight Blue specifications



Midnight blue, aquamarine blue, white, off-white, yellow, light pink, dark pink, gray-green.

97.4 cm wide x 100 cm high (or 38.35” wide x 39.37” high). It is a halfdrop repeat.

The strips are 125 cm (49.21") wide. The length of the strips is variable, depending on your measurements.

The largest white flower is approx. 42 cm (or 16.535”) in diameter.



350 gr/m2 non-woven fleece wallcovering with a vinyl coating.

Fire Safety
EU (EN 13501-1): B - s1 - d0
US (ASTM E84)Class A (drywall)

ISO 105-B02: 7 out of 8 Blue Wool Scale



The material is classified as non-hazardous: DIN 52900 or 91/155/EEG,2001/58/EC

Ellie Cashman Design® vinyl wallcovering is sturdy and durable, and is easy to clean with a damp cloth.


‘Summer Squall’ wallpaper is painted with incredible attention to detail, down to several delicate, reclusive butterflies and beetles that inhabit the vegetal shadows. It’s all in motion, a summer garden that’s beginning to stir with the oncoming passing of the season.

The background in the Midnight Blue colorway is a very dark blue with some gradation. In the open spaces there is a subtle glow of a lighter aquamarine blue. The flowers are white, off-white, yellow, light pink and dark pink, and hover over exploding gray-green foliage.

The Midnight Blue colorway is rich and dramatic. The high contrast between dark and light creates a stunning three-dimensional effect, bringing depth to any space.

Ellie painted ‘Summer Squall between August 2014 and January 2015. For further insight into the (thought) process behind the design, please see Ellie’s full description here.

‘Summer Squall’ is also available in additional colorways Daylight White and Red Hot + Beige.

What distinguishes this floral wallpaper from your (great great) grandmother’s is the larger-than-life-scale of the flowers, the largest of which is 42 cm (16.535”) in diameter. Make a statement art piece of an accent wall or a little garden jewel box of a powder room with this impactful ode to nature’s awesome beauty.

‘Summer Squall’ is printed digitally on the highest quality vinyl wallcovering. It’s easy to install, care for and clean. For more information, please see the ‘Product Specifications’ at right and/or our step-by-step installation instructions.

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