Elegant yet Dramatic

Elegant floral wallpaper wallpaper

Elegant yet Dramatic

‘It’s just Elegant. Moving. Stunning.’ – Suzann Kletzien Design (Interior designer)

Suzann Kletzien loves using wallpaper, as she likes combining materials, colors and patterns. It’s always a color or pattern that gives her inspiration. ‘I’m a bit of chameleon in terms of style. I love being given a challenge to design for different styles. But, If I were to choose one style, my style would be eclectic chic’.

As an interior designer, Suzann Kletzien wanted to use the Dark Foral wallpaper at her own home first. ‘The Dark Floral screamed at me somehow… So I chose if for my own dining room. It has that unique combination of elegant and dramatic – which was perfect for that space’. Here, Suzann used a lot of browns to add a bit of warmth to the dark garden world experience of Ellie’s first design.

After using the wallpaper in her own home, Suzann recommended it to a client for her entryway. Suzann’s client wanted a white/light entryway in combination with a checkerboard floor. The Dark Floral wallpaper in combination with the checkerboard floor, a full length mirror and ivory drapes makes this space the most dramatic entry Suzann has designed to date. ‘The full length mirror with an acrylic console worked perfectly in this space, to reflect more of the paper and light’.

Elegant floral wallpaper
Dramatic floral wallpaper
November 20, 2019