Floral - Still Life With Shadows - 50 x 30 cm - Cushions

Floral - Still Life With Shadows - 50 x 30 cm - Cushions

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Discover our collection of designer cushions. Polyester velvet cushions, velvet cushions, linen cushions and silk cushions are all part of our offering. A grouping is just the thing to provide an eye-catching accent to your luxurious statement space.

All of the cushions feature carefully composed segments of Ellie’s original designs, which she makes using a combination of traditional and digital art media.

Some designs take months, others years, to complete. All share Ellie’s artistic sensibility and her desire to celebrate the beauty of nature in all its glory and larger-than-life detail.

Ellie’s vision is that cushions featuring the same design and fabric, but fashioned in different sizes, scales and formats, can be combined to create a flexible, nonchalant and yet entirely transformative addition to your space. Our collection of designer cushions invites you to play, mix and make your own combinations. We love to see our customers do fun and unexpected things with our products. Our designer cushions, varied in linen cushions, silk cushions and velvet cushions, invite you to do just that!

The fabric chosen for Ellie’s designer cushions is always selected for its suitability to the style and character of the featured design.

The polyester velvet cushions are soft, vibrant and durable, with the sublimation dye technique used to apply the inks guaranteeing that the prints won’t fade with time or exposure to sunlight.

The velvet cushions emphasize the elegant, baroque style of Ellie’s designs in combination with the power and beauty of the natural world. The velvet cushions don’t just look dreamy and soft; they also feel that way!

The linen cushions, by contrast, have a more roughly textured, more natural feel, giving the designs a bit more rugged toughness.

Last but not least, the silk cushions are not to be forgotten. These silk cushions express the luxury and rich meaning behind Ellie’s designs, and are perfectly suited to a classic interior.

Each of Ellie’s designer cushions is finished with an invisible zipper and a logo label at the bottom right corner. Inside the cover you will find care instructions. Cushions 50 x 50 cm (20"x 20"), 60 x 40 cm (24" x 16") and smaller include a feather insert. Cushions 60 cm (24") and larger do not. All of Ellie’s designer cushions are produced in standard sizes, so that inserts will always be available to you locally.