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Twisting Tulips -   - 90 x 50 cm - Floral Cushions

Twisting Tulips - - 90 x 50 cm - Floral Cushions

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Ellie designed many of her floral cushions in pairs and series, inviting you to mix and match sizes, scales, and formats to achieve your desired effect. Groupings of 3, 5 or 7 flower cushions are recommended.

Ellie’s original designs are often inspired by the still life painters of the Dutch Golden Age. She creates them using a combination of traditional and digital art media. Typically, they take her months to years to complete. The floral cushions are carefully composed and conceived of as more than just cushions, but as functional works of art.

Ellie paints flowers in all their states, with an emphasis on those that break through the threshold from dark to light, from seed to stalk to bud to full, extravagant bloom.

These floral cushions are created using a selection of Ellie’s favorite fabrics, from a soft, vibrant and durable polyester velvet to luxuriously soft silk satins and velvets to a sturdy, textured linen. Ellie has sourced and tested these fabrics extensively over the past years and the flower cushions in this current collection are her all-time favorites.

The floral cushions are available in many sizes and formats. In some cases, different scales of the same design are available as well. Have fun mixing, matching and making unique combinations of our flower cushions. The result is sure to add style, luxury, artfulness and elegance to your statement space.