All about wallpaper

How to order wallpaper?

With our wallpaper configurator you can order your wallpaper in three easy steps:
1. Select color and material
2. Enter wall dimensions (to calculate wallpaper price and quantity)
3. Preview and customize the design

To use the wallpaper configurator all you need to have is your wall measurements. After you've entered you're wall width and height the wallpaper configurator calculates the amount of wallpaper that you'll need and the price.  

Please see our How to order wallpaper guide for more information. 

What types of wallpaper material do you offer?

We offer two types of wallpaper material: fleece and vinyl. Both are non-woven, which makes them many times stronger than traditional (paper) wallpaper. Ours are the strongest and newest materials available on the market.

  • Our non-woven fleece wallpaper is recommended for regular consumer use. The weight is 160 g/m2 and comes on a roll in strips that are 48.7 cm/19.17" wide. It has a smooth and matte finish.
  • Our vinyl wallcovering consists of a non-woven fleece backing with vinyl finishing and is recommended for commercial/contract use. The weight is 350 g/m2 and comes on a roll in strips that are 125 cm/49.21" wide. It has a structured and slightly shiny finish.
Is your wallpaper environmentally friendly?

Yes, definitely. We find this very important. Ellie's designs are inspired by the natural, living world. Our products are designed to incorporate a celebration of nature and beauty into our homes and daily experiences. In producing our fabrics and wallpapers, it's therefore no surprise that we value a conscious and sustainable approach. 

Here are just several ways that we're respecting and protecting the natural environment that provides the inspiration for all we do:

  • From the beginning, Ellie has been actively exploring sustainable ways of manufacturing. Ellie’s designs are all hand-crafted andproduced close to her home in the Netherlands. In this way, we help support local employment. Notably, our sample vendor employs workers with a distance to the labor market.
  • We produce our wallpaper on demand and keep little to no stock. This is a low-waste way of manufacturing that keeps the burden on our planet to a minimum.
  • The base material for our wallpaper meets the Oeko-Tex® Standard 100 norm. This means that it has been tested for harmful substances and has been determined to be harmless to human health.
  • As well as being fully recyclable,all papers used for our marketing materials and wallpapers contain 30% post-consumer waste and have FSC-certification (meaning that the pulp used comes from sustainable forests, where at least one tree is planted for every tree felled). 
  • The toners used for the wallpaper are all CO2 neutral and are free of harmful, chemical substances, such as formaldehyde. They are even Food approved (which means they can come into contact with food).
  • We're a Gold Partner member of the Paper for Paper community, which helps us recycle our paper waste up to 5 times.
  • The seed paper we use for our compliments card is fully recycled paper made from cotton waste created by the clothing industry in Portugal.
  • For our packaging, we use eco-friendly and biodegradable materials wherever possible.
  • Our eco-friendlyfabrics and inks are GOTS-certified (Global Organic Textile Standard), meaning that they are at least 70% organic.

Again, these are just some of the ways we're working to make responsible, respectful choices. We're committed to expanding and improving upon this list as our business grows.

How much does the wallpaper cost?

The current per m2 price is always listed on the Product Description pages. When you enter your surface area into our configurator, it is automatically multiplied by the per m2 price. There is one price for all non-woven fleece wallpapers and one price for all vinyl wallcoverings.

How do I measure my walls?

All of our wallpaper is printed on demand to fit your specific measurements. Please find our comprehensive advice on how to measure your walls here.

How to install the wallpaper?

Please find our step-by-step installation instructions here. Please note that these instructions are also included with your order.

Can I use the wallpaper in a bathroom?

We don’t recommend using the wallpaper in very damp areas, as the adhesive can break down over time if it is regularly exposed to a lot of moisture. Powder rooms, however, are perfectly suitable places to use the wallpaper.

What kind of adhesive do you recommend? 

We recommend any wallpaper adhesive that is specifically suited to non-woven fleece or non-woven vinyl wallpaper. Some examples are:

  • Arte ClearPro for non-woven wallpaper
  • Metylan for non-woven wallpaper (UK)
  • Roman pro for non-woven wallpaper (US)
  • Perfax Roze (Ready & Roll) voor vliesbehang (NL)
Can I see the wallpaper in a store or showroom?

All of our products are exclusively available via this website. To give you a chance to see and feel the wallpaper in person, we have created individual samples and a sample book that includes samples of each of the wallpapers in our collection. The sample book includes a €25 coupon on an order of €100 or more. Shop individual samples here and the sample book here. These samples are shipped directly and expeditiously to your door. Easy, right?

To see the wallpaper installed in various settings, please visit our inspiration gallery.

Rolls or double rolls?

Your customized wallpaper is printed on strips that will arrive on a single roll. The strips are pre-formatted for you. All you need to do is cut them where indicated. Each strip is clearly marked with a strip number, the top is marked ‘top’ and the bottom, ‘bottom’. This ensures that you’ll have an easy time of cutting, placing and positioning the strips to achieve the final, continuous image.

Can the wallpaper be removed?

We don’t think you’ll want to, but should you ever (even years later) decide to remove the wallpaper, you can do so easily, with water.

What should I take into consideration if I’m wallpapering a brand new wall?

Dry wall joints must be taped, bedded and sanded. Make sure you allow a couple of weeks for new walls to dry before applying wallpaper.

Can I install the wallpaper over existing wallpaper?

You can, but it’s not ideal. We recommend removing the old wallpaper and starting with a clean, smooth wall. For our step by step installation guide, click here.

What is the wallpaper's fire rating?

For our non-woven fleece wallpaper, the fire rating is:

  • EU: EN 13501-1:B - s1 - d0
  • US: ASTM E84: Class A (concrete) and Class A (drywall)

 For our non-woven vinyl wallpaper, the fire rating is:

  • EU: EN 13501-1:B - s1 - d0
  • US: ASTM E84: Class A (drywall) 

You will find the Fire Safety information in the Specifications > Physical properties field under each Product description.

Can I return the wallpaper?

We don’t think you’ll want to, but should you want to return the wallpaper (intact, of course), please do so in the original packaging. When we receive it and determine its condition is unused and as good as new, we’ll be happy to offer you an exchange or a refund. We do not cover shipping costs on returns and exchanges.