A Golden Age

"I created this print in the year I turned 40, anticipating this new decade would be ‘A Golden Age.’ That was a year in which a lot of change was taking place in my life: my third and youngest child went off to school and we were moving from the suburbs into the heart of a medieval city …"

That year, I had more time and space to look back on all that had happened during the ten years prior: immigrating to the Netherlands, getting married, becoming a mother (three times), starting my own business, relocating …

As I thought about all that had happened, and all I had learned, I tried to apply a sense of softness and vulnerability to these flowers, by choosing a softer set of brushes. Learning to be a bit softer and compassionate toward myself, to embrace my own vulnerability and weakness, are some of the lessons I’ve been grappling with at the dawn of this new decade.

I love the gestures of the different flowers in the bouquet. They are so active and alive, absolutely thrusting themselves into bloom, as if it’s a matter of life and death. Four different background colors - each so rich, deep, dark and dramatic, as well as its scalability, make this an easy design to customize to your space.

We can’t wait to see what you do with it!