Moonlight Meadow

In the dark of night, a photographer with a flash has captured an inky meadow in an unsuspecting instant. She has revealed the mystery in a moment.

A loosely, gesturally painted floral wallpaper design inspired by a photo I took at an open air market in Antwerp, ’Moonlight Meadow’ exudes impulse and energy. Magnified brush strokes give this design an enlarged canvas texture.

In this large-scale, two-tone floral print, giant daisies, delicate dots of foliage and grass explode out of a dark background. Dramatic highlights and deep shadows create a sense of theater, mystery and drama.

I find this print to be incredibly moody. It’s large, dramatic gestures are bold and energizing. It functions as a two-toned texture and is therefore a great design for pattern matching. It works well in so many combinations, and can play either a leading or supporting role. It’s a real eye-catcher as a backdrop for framed prints displayed salon style.

We can’t wait to see what you do with it!