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Twisting Tulips

"Living in the Netherlands since 2007 has given me a new appreciation for flowers."

Perhaps most of all, the Netherlands is known for its tulips. During the Golden Age, these flowers were imported from Asia, catapulting the country into a period in its history called ’Tulip Mania’, when a single bulb sold for the price of a canal house!

I created Twisting Tulips in 2013 and it remains one of my favorite designs in the collection. This design evolved from a graphite drawing based on old fashioned botanical illustrations.

I scanned the drawing and developed it further using digital brushes.

The twisting and bending gestures of the flowers are rhythmic and elegant. This graphic print provides a gorgeous backdrop for a vase of fresh, colorful flowers. I like it with vintage furniture, metal fixtures and more.

We can’t wait to see what you do with it!