I just finished a new flower, and I feel like it's a breakthrough piece. Not that it's perfect, but that it was a huge learning experience.

I actually used the same photograph for reference as I did in the 'cotton candy floral' print modeled on Ruby in my June 4 post. Something about that print bothered me.

So I was a lot looser here, less concerned about representing reality and thus more successful, I think, in capturing atmosphere and movement and energy, which is what I'm going for. This is the new and improved 'cotton candy floral' (below).




I worry that it loses a bit of its atmospheric quality and sponteneity when I put it in repeat (sample below). But I don't know that there's any way to get around this, as the flowers need an equal dose of rest surrounding them if they're going to repeat on wallpaper or fabric ...




I think this is also a result of the 'cluster' composition, because I had less of a struggle with this, I feel, when putting these flowers into repeat:






Anyway, these are among a series of my flowers that my Dutch agent will be showing to a wallpaper manufacturer today. Yes, I've decided to go the agent route for a while. I still dream of representing myself, building my own brand someday, but for the time being, with such a busy home life, this seems to be the right choice. Luckily my Dutch agent is really supportive of my flowers, which is what I feel really comes from my heart and soul. I hope we'll make a good team, with me being able to focus on the design work I love so much, and the agent doing the business of getting my work in front of his network of clients, which he's built over a couple of decades.

I'll be busy making a collection of these flowers in preparation for the Indigo Brussels trade show in September, so if you have any feedback or advice, I'd love to hear it!