A while ago I launched a logo design contest on 99designs.com. It was a great experience that I can highly recommend for people in need of logos. I wrote my little design brief and got 165 submissions from designers all over the world! After I'd narrowed it down to about 3 choices (see earlier post here), I conducted a poll and learned that there was a clear favorite.

So thanks for your advice everyone! I now have a new logo that you can see doing its job at my updated website.

I was also curious to know more about the designer behind the design. Dani Yudatandiana is 26 years old and lives in Indonesia. Although he has a degree in Economics, he's been teaching himself graphic design for about two years (and also has help from a friend). He doesn't have an independent website, but his 99designs name is 'c4haya' if you'd like to commission his talents :) Thanks Dani! I'm very happy with my new logo.


ellie cashman 1.1


I also love the fact that 99designs and websites like it are bringing meritocracy to the design world. The work, not the (net)work is taking on more and more importance. Now I have this great story about a logo and a designer from Indonesia!! The internet is a wonderful thing, isn't it?




I also want to announce that The Pattern Base is accepting submissions for their first book. They will be "introducing and interviewing artists who work with fiber, textiles, design and fine art in order to start a dialogue about their multiple roles as artists, designers and craftsmen." For details visit their site. Deadline in June 10. They are currently running a kickstarter project to raise funds for the book, so you can also pop over there and support.