Last week I checked out one of Tricia Guild's books from the library, and she got me really inspired about wallpaper design, or designing for interiors in general. I have to recognize this inclination of mine to spend painstaking hours completing a single design. After I've invested all that work, I want the design to create a whole experience, to evoke a mood. I want to create something that's kind of 'large and in charge', and an accent wall seems like just the place for me :)

Last week I also picked up The Ultimate Guide to Wallpaper by Charlotte Abrahams. It has a great collection of different kinds of wallpaper, different ways to use it (think of lining cabinets, framing it, etc.) and different ways to combine it.

I'm continuing to work with the paintbrushes in Photoshop and I love the intersection that my fine arts and digital arts backgrounds/experience finds here. I love painting, but I never wanted to create a single work that hung in a gallery. Now I can paint knowing that my work can be applied to any number of products - wallpaper, interior textiles, fashion textiles, accessories, paper goods ... and seen all over the world. Truly exciting!


Ellie Cashman Wallpaper


Here's the design I completed last week, in a couple of contexts. I'd like to see it in a really industrial space, because I think it would be a really interesting contrast between old and new (old subject matter/new techniques and old space/new space). For now, I've plopped it into an IKEA ad (above) and an image I picked up from the June issue of my favorite Dutch interior magazine, VTWonen (below).


Ellie Cashman Wallpaper


The repeat is huge (almost 2m x 1 m), so up close, you can see all the brush strokes. I love that we used to hang paintings on walls, but now have the technology to turn the walls themselves into the paintings ...

Later this week I'm heading down to Print Unlimited to pick some fabric types, as I'd like to see this design (scaled down to a smaller size) on some dresses, skirts and pillows too. I'm finally ready to create some prototypes - to wear, take around to shops, and to display in my booth at Surtex 2013! Yes, that's right. I'm FINALLY going to register for this legendary trade show, after dreaming about it for years ... Anyone else going to be there in May?