In February, a couple of new books were published on textile/fabric design and printing (see image above). I haven't purchased either yet, but the "Mastering ... " book (on the right) is doing a blog tour and you can find reviews at a creative mint and print + pattern blog. "Mastering ..." is written by Laurie Wisbrun, a designer who has created several best-selling collections for Robert Kaufman. Besides information on finding inspiration, designing repeats, and digital/hand printing, the book includes a series of interviews with experienced designers Heather Moore (Skinny laMinx), Heather Ross and Joel Dewberry. Tips on trade shows and marketing techniques also sound interesting. As always, you can find these books (and anything else you could ever dream of wanting) on Amazon.

Have you gone to to find out your color sign? If not, do it! It's fun. According to Pantone®, we all have a color that suits our personality, depending on the month and date of your birth. I thought mine would be blue, but surprisingly, my color sign is 'Muskmelon', a subdued orange. It represents my generosity, sense of responsibility, and my optimism :)


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