Spent the entire day today at the printer and barely have enough energy to write this post, but have to quickly jot something down as this was a monumental and very memorable day in my design career. Something that I've so far only been able to imagine became something I could see and feel. In other words, a dream came true!

Today I got to see this dark floral wallpaper design, which I've been working on for almost a year, in full scale on real wallpaper!




You can try, but it's pretty much impossible to imagine what this is really going to look like in the world when all you've done is stare at it in miniature on a computer screen.

Here are the first proofs (above and below). I had to choose between a matte, satin and textured paper. I went for the matte, which has a rich and luxurious look and feel. I included my toenails to give you an idea of the scale :) The design's repeat is nearly 2 meters wide by 1.13 meters high.




Here's a closeup of the matte paper I chose.




But there was still lots of work to do on the file ... I spent all afternoon taking out branches, adding leaves and a few flowers, upping the contrast in the background and perfecting the repeat to the printer's specifications.




Above is the last proof we made, rolled out in my garden this evening after I got home. This one is printed on standard paper (not wallpaper), but nonetheless gives an idea of the scale (see teapot and teacups) and the repeat. Try to imagine away those white strips ...

So, I've now seen this entire process through from concept to product. First shipment goes out next week!

I can officially say I'm addicted. This is just the beginning!