Not a whole lot of time last week to write (or think) anything too thought-provoking. I take a lot of pictures of chairs these days (I've been taking a lot of my own product shots for the new web shop we're launching in March) but never actually sit in any of them ...

So I thought this week I'd just update you on how things are developing (slowly) in the studio. Last week the photographer and stylist came by to check out the space/panel we built and get an idea of the project brief. In a couple of weeks they'll come and style/shoot 2 of the wallpapers in the studio, including Still Life with Shadows Gray, which I just released in January.


After they left I was so curious to see the wallpaper in the space, with the light and all. I couldn't even be bothered to grab a ladder, as you can see from the photo above. So this is just a rushed, double-sided tape job of hanging, but it gave me (and hopefully it gives you) an idea of the color, scale, mood and effect that Still Life with Shadows has. To me there is something really arresting, powerful, feminine and darkly beautiful about this print. Grimm's fairytales come to mind. It really gave me a run for my money (it took me a year to feel satisfied with this print), but it's a big breakthrough piece for me.

After unpacking it and hanging it last week (I always get a prickly feeling, a terrible tumbleweed of fear (of disappointment) when I finally see something I've made in its final incarnation), I did actually sit in a chair and stop for a moment to reflect on the year-long trajectory of taking this print from sketch to final form.

I started Still Life with Shadows in February of 2015 and it was  January 2016 before I felt it was complete. Then, several weeks ago my whole family spent a Sunday helping me hang this panel for the upcoming photo shoot (see this post). Once the panel was up, we created the Photoshop mockup (see this post) and had the wallpaper produced. Now the photographer and stylist are sketching up ideas, and in about two weeks this is going to be the set of my first a real, live, super exciting and professional photo shoot. I guess what I'm saying, and reminding myself as I write this, is that this has been a really long process, full of tests and trials but ultimately incredibly exciting and rewarding.


This week we're also going to hang 2 of these industrial lamps in the studio. They are from an Eastern European factory and have white paint splatters all over them. What's special about them is the bulb on the bottom AND top. I happen to love them combined with this wallpaper. Each is 'tough' in its own way. But we'll see if they make it into the final shoot, because the photographer and stylist had lots of ideas of their own :)

By late Spring/early Summer I will also be able to share photos of this wallpaper in the bridal dressing room of a former English estate turned wedding location/event space, and a Washington, DC-area powder room.

So, it's a step by step process, and this is kind of the most exciting step of all: letting this thing I've worked on so intensively for so long go ... out into the world, where it will live a life of its own.