i'm off on an inspiration-gathering trip to Antwerp today. it's less than an hour's drive and parking is free. i have no plan, other than to check out Dries van Noten's flagship store. i love what he does with prints. this dress is from his Spring 2012 collection.


image courtesy of www.trendland.net


with my new camera and my newfound love of Photoshop, i'm totally getting into what van Noten, Stella McCartney and others are doing with photographic/floral prints. last week i played around a lot with mixing my photography, painting techniques and drawings in a mixed media collage. a totally new style for me. Photoshop just opens up so many more possibilities. there's no going back now!

below you can see what i've been up to: playing with the 'wanderlust' theme and palette, based on the mood board i shared in my last post.




i've been relying so much on online sources for inspiration lately ... for fashion news and trends I've subscribed to the stylesight.com, We Connect Fashion and Pattern Observer newsletters. for color, i regularly check out design-seeds.com and colorcollective. for stationery and home goods, print+pattern. for interiors, i love decor8 and just came across a new (to me) blog called sfgirlbyday, which is also full of great photography, styling, color and inspiration of all kinds. speaking of styling, photography and color, another blog i just discovered, a creative mint, is beautiful beyond words ...

and how about Pinterest? there is a site where you could spend hours collecting beautiful and inspirational images ...

well, despite the richness of sources online, i'm forcing myself to get out from behind my computer today! taking my camera with me, so i'll have lots if visuals in my next post. curious what will catch my eye in Antwerp, 'the city of fashion'. according to their Facebook page, which has this really cool video from designer Christophe Coppens, Antwerp combines the best of Paris, Milan, London and Amsterdam. i have to say, the last time i went (in November) i was really impressed ...