i finally have some real progress to show - a Photoshop-collaged mock-up of my newest collection, which i'm calling 'decayed lace'.

i created this collection of eight fabric designs last week, using both Illustrator and Photoshop. in the past, i've worked almost exclusively with Illustrator, but i'm finally starting to feel more and more comfortable in Photoshop. i'm loving the textural, tactile effects you can get with it ... and i know i'm not alone among designers!

so this week i decided to see what these designs would look like on clothes for my daughters, Ruby and Juliette (4 years and 18 months old, respectively).

i designed this collection with girls' clothes in mind, so this is an exercise to further illustrate my vision.

i got my girls to pose for me last Saturday (although i of course had to bribe Ruby with a lollipop) and then clothed them according to MudPie's trend forecast for girls Spring/Summer 2013.

decayed lace #1 © 2012 ellie cashman design

what will be 'in'? according to MudPie:

  • short-sleeved shift dresses
  • soft collared blouses
  • tapered jeans
  • pleated a-line skirts

so, i 'dressed' my girls accordingly, and got a chance to play around with the motifs, scales, textures and colors in this collection. thanks again to Photoshop, i can do this even before putting needle to thread to fabric ...

decayed lace #2 © 2012 ellie cashman design

it's still a work in progress. i think i need to 'mess up' and add more texture to some of the flatter, more graphic motifs that i imported from Illustrator. a little tweaking, and a couple more collections with this feel, and i think i will gather my nerves and call the children's wear company i had in mind when i made this collection ... to see if they are interested. can you guess who it is?

decayed lace #3 © 2012 ellie cashman design

by the way, i took these photos using my new Nikon D3100 camera, last year's Christmas present to myself. it's quickly becoming an invaluable tool in my process. i'm wondering how i managed so long without it. i think it performed pretty well in these action situations! it has to, right? otherwise it'd be one big blur with these two busy bodies!

decayed lace #4 © 2012 ellie cashman design

by the way, the dress that Ruby is 'wearing' above is based on the adorable 'June bug dress' at www.craftinessisnotoptional.com, a blog that's packed with great sewing tutorials for kids. i think this is one of her most popular ones. i pinned it to my Pinterest page and it gets re-pinned incessantly!

speaking of pins/buttons and that sort of thing, the buttons in the collage are from M&J Trimming, a NYC-based trimmings store I used to visit back in the day. luckily for those of us who (now) live further away, they have a very user-friendly website.

okay now please tell me, what's your favorite style, favorite print, etc.? if i was to make one of these clothing items for real, which one should it be?