Mondays and Fridays are - theoretically - the days I get to work, while the kids are at their respective daycares. But the last month has been packed with holidays, so I've gotten totally out of my rhythm.




It's always hard to break back into it, but today I made a start. I put a new design ("Cotton Candy Floral") into repeat. This is the first of the floral designs I've done lately that I've set up in repeat (a seamlessly repeating pattern). I'm grateful for the tricks I learned in Michelle Fifis' Ultimate Guide to Repeats class at Camp Pikaland. This was no easy feat, but thanks to Michelle's brilliant techniques, it was at least possible!

I have an appointment for Friday at Print Unlimited, a Dutch company that recently moved to about a 20 min. drive from my house. They have absolutely gorgeous fabrics and they print small runs. I hope to take a few of my new prints and have a few meters printed, then take my custom fabric to my sewing class and make some one-of-a-kind pieces for Ruby, Juliette and maybe even myself.

It's a great learning experience to see the prints on mockups and of course in real life, so I see that as the goal of this exercise.

I may also submit this print into the contest Brabantia is currently holding for a limited edition design for a 30L Retro Bin. Entries are due June 10. See their website for details.