I know I've been MIA here on the blog, but please don't think I haven't been busy behind the scenes. I have SO many exciting things that I'm working on! Now that I'm back from summer vacation and the kids will soon be back to school/daycare, I've got a bunch of product rollouts planned for the fall.

The first products to be added to the shop will be pillow cases - 11 of them to start. Here I am surrounded by a bunch of them. Thanks again to Ellen Mesu for the wonderful portrait/product photography.

Floral Print Pillows by Ellie Cashman.Blog

Does my facial expression say it all? Testing these fabrics and selecting which prints belonged on which fabric and in which format was INTENSE! In the beginning, I thought pillows were a bit boring, I'll be honest, but I got into them in a major way. I LOVE these!! So, I think what you see on my face is: "Wow, this is the culmination of a lot of work, but here are some products that I'm really proud of!"

The fabrics are so incredibly beautiful. There is a silk velvet which I have to restrain myself from printing EVERYTHING on, and a silk satin for the Dark Floral which is the epitome of elegance. Then there is an upholstery cotton which gives the softer flowers a toughness that I really like. In Dutch there is this word "stoer" that is used a lot. It's a combination of "tough", "rough", "rugged" and "cool" in English. "Stoer" is the word I would use to describe the pillow cases on the cottons and the linen.

Here is a sneak preview close up of some of the pillows in this initial collection, which will be added to the web shop in the next couple of weeks. I hope you like what you see!


I had so much fun with this, you can be sure there's more to come!