Did you know it's the yarn and fiber folks we need to be watching for trend direction? That they're always signaling what's next? That's what I just read over at WeConnectFashion, where they've published a trend report called "Writing the Next Chapter", courtesy of SPINEXPO, an exhibition in NYC and Shanghai that's specific to the fiber, yarn and knitting sectors.


"Epilogue" image courtesy of WeConnectFashion


I like SPINEXPO's inspiration of a "Next Chapter" made up of Prologue, Genre, Narrative and Epilogue, each signaling a major global trend and each with its own color story. Read more about it here.

Trendstop.com has also provided WeConnectFashion with a color forecast featuring lavender for women, men, accessories and ... hair! This strikes me as a fun key trend to play with, although I'll probably stop short of dyeing my hair :)


Image courtesy of WeConnectFashion