Sample - Glitter Vine - Feather Wallpaper

Sample - Glitter Vine - Feather Wallpaper

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The Feather Collection, 2021
Six years in the making, the Feather Collection is launching in September of 2021 with its first two designs, ‘Becoming Wild’ and ‘From Source to Sea’. In the coming months, many more designs will be added to the Collection. Stay up-to-date by following us on Instagram, Facebook and/or signing up for our quarterly newsletter here.

The concept and meaning behind the Collection
As much as these designs are about birds and feathers, they are about light and color, form and structure, movement and energy, spacious landscape and a sense of freedom and possibility.

Ellie says: “I see birds and feathers as symbols of our human striving towards growth, freedom and possibility. Although the source I drew from to create these designs was my own very personal experience, I believe as human beings our experiences are - or can be - deeply shared.”

All of the designs are conceived to be more than just decoration. This imagery, with its subject matter derived from nature, its rich color palette and handmade textures, its original concept and artistry, will elevate the spaces you spend your time in.

Read more about the ideas behind the feather collection on Ellie’s blog.

What distinguishes the wallpapers in the Feather Collection?
The scale, size and style of repeat structures (the fact that the repeat is so indistinguishable - “rhythmic but not rigid”) is unique, as well as the ability to place and scale the designs using our Configurator Tool. Essentially, each wallpaper is a custom product designed specifically for your space.

These wallpapers also incorporate many handmade details and textures that have been preserved from the original drawings and paintings used to create them. As such, they bring warmth, color, sophistication and artistry to your interior. There’s a concept and a story behind each design. Each design is the result of a creative/artistic process that spans years and is not deadline-driven. This Collection is 6 years - and counting! -in the making.

How can I apply products from the Feather Collection to my interior?
The Feather Collection consists of a series of designs that coordinate and can be combined in lots of exciting ways. Some of the prints depict realistic feathers, others abstract textures or imagined elements/scenes. They all share a color story and a subject matter, and support each other formally. Combine intricate detail with big gesture, multi-color with tone-on-tone, walls with upholstered furniture … The Feather Collection has everything you need to create a stunning, statement space. As always, we can’t wait to see what you do with it!

Ellie says: “I hope from the bottom of my heart that the imagery I’ve created for this collection inspires the viewer, encouraging her on in the fulfillment of her own longing, whatever that might be. My hope is that these designs will give many spaces, and most importantly, the people in them, the same sense of (transformative) energy, healing and well-being that I discovered in the process of making them.”

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