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Sample - - Floral Wallpaper

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  1. A Summer Squall Wallpaper Sample by designer Ellie Cashman
    Summer Squall Wallpaper Sample
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My Ellie Cashman Design floral wallpapers are original, high-quality design products featuring her signature floral prints. They are suited to a wide range of private, public and commercial spaces. Your imagination is the limit! Ellie's vision is that walls can be more than just functional structures that divide spaces and hold up ceilings. Walls can be art!

With Ellie Cashman Design wallpapers, walls have meaning. Walls have moods. Ellie designs her prints over the course of months, sometimes years, using varying combinations of traditional and digital art media.

Ellie says: "My Dark Floral designs provide the viewer with a sense of hope and inspiration, encouraging her on toward her moment, when a bud bursts into full bloom and her heart breaks ... open, when that strongest of human longings is fulfilled, and she achieves - even if just for a brief moment - the best expression of herself."

Read Ellie's full Artist Statement.

“As they emerge out of the darkness and into the light, flowers provide us with powerful symbols of our common human longing for transcendence.” - Ellie Cashman