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Feather Collection

Feather Collection


The story behind it all

The meaning behind the Feather Collection

Growth and transformation. Trusting in the unknown.

The prints in this Collection are about the feeling that a bird might have, as she navigates the horizon, at the edge of worlds known and unknown to us. I have tried to capture a sense of light and softness, spaciousness, freedom of movement, and a boundless sense of possibility.

I imagine that a bird’s physical experience, her mastery of her own movement, teaches her in bone and muscle, in every fiber and every feather, an invaluable and unforgettable lesson about moving through this magical, in-between space, at the frontier of growth and positive transformation.

The lesson is this: That it is best to be light, soft, playful, open, fragile and free - to float over, rather than fight against - forces beyond our control.

I hope that the prints in this Collection will inspire and encourage us. I hope that they will give us a sense of trust in our own journeys to grow more fully and freely into ourselves - and to feel as graceful and fearless and boundless as the birds.

What distinguishes the Feather Collection?

Loose, large flowing structures
The scale, size and style of repeat structures in the Feather Collection (the fact that the repeat is so indistinguishable - what Ellie calls “rhythmic but not rigid”) is truly unique.

Subtle transitions in color, taking place over large areas
Many of the designs in the Feather Collection transition slowly in color. In the case of the wallpapers, this may be from floor to ceiling or gently, in a slow progression, across the wall.

Handmade texture and design
Many of Ellie’s feather designs incorporate handmade details and textures that have been preserved from the original drawings and paintings used to create them. In this way, they add beauty, meaning and artistry to your interior, and to your everyday experience.

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